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Berthing Units

Fibrebond berthing units provide comfortable housing for personnel living on site at government or military facilities. Fibrebond’s manufacturing and construction method offers a timely, cost effective solution with durability that is unmatched by conventional construction and other modular options.

Benefits of Fibrebond berthing units

  • Secure Site Work.

Furnishings, appliances, electrical components, climate control systems, etc. are completed during the manufacturing process requiring less on-site work and manpower to help maintain a secure and controlled construction site.

  • Customization.

Fibrebond berthing units offer a variety of options including cabinetry, desks, showers, toilets, washer and dryer units, stove tops, microwaves, refrigerators and more. Floor plan customization is limitless with single or multiple occupancy units available.

  • Speed.

Site prep work and manufacturing are completed simultaneously to reduce completion time and the risk of budget overruns. Berthing units arrive on location fully furnished requiring less finish work than conventional construction.

  • Cost Effective.

Fully furnished berthing units can be shipped to any location, which is cost effective in desolate locations where manpower and material are at a premium.

  • Durability.

Precast concrete is naturally resistant to fire, mold, mildew and termites. Fibrebond berthing units are UL-752 bullet resistant, have a two-hour fire rating and designed to withstand 140 mph winds. The lifespan of concrete buildings can be double or triple that of other common building products.