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So you’re building a data center? Fibrebond can protect your investment

In 2015, the U.S. data center market saw a massive uptick in growth: up 6.1% from the previous year and raking in $115.3 billion in revenue. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are all super-sizing their data center capacity, while, according to JLL Research, developers of third-party data center space are also scaling up their operations to lease space to cloud builders. Everyone from mid-sized companies to universities is realizing the benefits of data centers, but how can you protect your investments from the wear and tear of weather and even potential vandalism? Fibrebond creates structures that protect mission-critical electrical and telecommunications equipment, and as demand for data centers has increased, our prefabricated equipment for companies and universities offer the best protection in the industry.

Consumer demand for bandwidth is pushing both private and government entities to cloud-based, third-party providers for outsourced data hosting and processing. From Comcast to Netflix to your local university, it’s hard to find an online operation that hasn’t incorporated data centers on the back end. However, no one wants to take on the worry of owning his or her own data center. When ZDNet asked a panel of Chief Information Officers whether they thought it was always better to own your own data center, 11 out of 12 responded no. Most CIOs agreed that it’s better to leave hosting up to the professionals to maintain the infrastructure, ensure consistent uptime, and 24/7 security.  Part of that worry is protecting the physical architecture of the data center from the elements and vandals. That’s where Fibrebond can help.

In 1982, before iPhones and streaming movies, Fibrebond was founded in support of the emerging wireless telecommunications industry. In the quarter century since, Fibrebond has seen incredible growth and emerged as a sophisticated, innovative manufacturer of concrete, steel and hybrids protective structures. With our background in telecommunications, power and institutional markets, we are uniquely poised to support data center protection effects for large to small-sized companies and universities. All the numbers point to cloud growth driving incredible demand for additional data center capacity, and Fibrebond is prepared to meet this demand just as we did with the emerging mobile phone networks in the U.S. As more and more activities occur online, data centers will continue to be built  and expanded.

If your company or university is exploring the building of a data center, consider Fibrebond as a partner to protect your worthwhile investment. With more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing and installation facilities, Fibrebond offers a better building solution for data center construction at a large-scale production capacity. Our commitment to safety, quality and innovation makes us the perfect partner. To learn more about our broad service offering or to contact us directly, visit us online at Fibrebond.com!