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Precast Concrete Corrections Facility Constructions

Precast Concrete Prison & Jail Cells
precast concrete prison constructionFibrebond is the only precast manufacturer to build panelized, 6-sided modules for corrections facilities. Our panelized modules allow for economical flexibility of design and construction. Construction solutions include single, corner and multiple occupancy cells to make more efficient use of space.

The benefits of building with precast concrete cells include:

Speed and Quality of Precast Concrete Constructions

  • Site work is reduced since modules are manufactured in Fibrebond's PCI-certified facility. This means quicker erection and faster completion.
  • Cells can be outfitted with detention furniture in Fibrebond's facility and interior walls, floors and ceilings are finished per customer specifications. PCI certification ensures a high level of third-party quality control.
  • Experienced Fibrebond personnel work with the general contractor to ensure construction schedules are met.
  • Precast units are designed to gain immediate code and zoning approval.

precast concrete constructionDurability of precast concrete constructions

  • Precast concrete is resistant to rust, mold and inmate damage.
  • Modules also carry a two-hour fire rating to protect life and property.
  • Non-combustible concrete walls, roofs and floors do not produce smoke or toxic fumes.
  • Provides passive fire containment.

Strength of precast concrete constructions

  • Precast concrete modules are designed for 140 mph wind rating and can be increased with additional reinforcement.
  • UL-752 bullet resistant.
  • Can carry Seismic 4 compliance when needed.
precast concrete construction material

Cost and Energy Efficiency

  • Maintenance costs are lower due to the natural resistance to inmate damage.
  • High mass-enhanced R-value means lower energy costs (thermal mass effect).

Sustainability of precast concrete constructions

  • Concrete is an environmentally friendly building material and can help you earn a significant number of LEED points, including resource efficiency, durability, thermal mass, reflectivity and minimal waste.

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