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Design Features & Drawings

Designed and Built to Precise Standards

Concrete SheltersFibrebond has the largest plant capacity in the industry, utilizing advanced European concrete processing equipment. Fibrebond's structural design incorporates a rigid combination of concrete, structural rebar and welded wire fabric with encapsulated foam to decrease weight and add R-value. Each panel-to-panel connection is triple-sealed for superior weather protection. Shelters are designed to meet all zoning and permitting requirements with unique exteriors available to match existing structures.

Standard design criteria include:

  • 5,000 PSI concrete
  • 100 PSF roof live load
  • 150 PSF floor load with perimeter foundation
  • 500 PSF floor load with slab foundation
  • 150 mph wind load, exposure D
  • When required, increased floor and roof loading designs are available
  • IBC Seismic Site Class D

Design Specifications PDF Download