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Equipment Shelters

Sheltering Your Investment

Fibrebond equipment shelters offer benefits that save time and money while improving safety for field technicians. Equipment SheltersConcrete equipment shelters from Fibrebond are the most cost-effective solution with distinctive advantages over cabinets that can lower the total cost of ownership.


  • Our computerized concrete batch plant monitors changing weather conditions, which results in a more consistent mix.
  • Automated production facility allows for father throughput time, tighter construction tolerances and increased volume.
  • All equipment can be installed at the plant and delivered directly to the cell site.
  • Highly customizable with a variety of exterior finish and size options.

Standard Design Criteria

  • Equipment Shelters5,000 PSI Concrete
  • 100 PSF roof live load
  • 150 PSF floor load with slab foundation
  • 150 mph wind load, exposure D
  • When required, increased floor and roof loading designs are available
  • IBC Seismic Site Class D


  • Equipment can be reconfigured without adding additional cabinets.
  • Upgrade networks without renegotiating land leases, installing foundations or changing site footprints.
  • Protect equipment from temperature fluctuations, severe weather, vandalism and theft.
  • Reliability backed by 10-year structural and roof warranties.
  • Cost justified at initial network deployment.
  • Accommodate technology upgrade and capacity expansion in the initial enclosure.
  • Lower operating temperatures to reduce high temperature shutdowns and equipment damage.
  • Equipment installation completed at Fibrebond’s facility and delivered direct to the cell site.

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