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West Brook High School Addition Earns Honorable Mention in 2012 PCI Design Awards

West Brook High School Addition Earns Honorable Mention in 2012 PCI Design Awards

Published Monday, August 6th, 2012

MINDEN, La. – A 16,434 square foot addition to West Brook High School in Beaumont, TX, has been selected as an honorable mention in the Best Schools category in the 2012 PCI Design Awards Program by a panel of jurors.

Those credited for the award include James Harrison and Gary Hale, of Harrison Kornberg Architects; Frank Raley, of Raley & Associates; Dr. Carrol Thomas, of Beaumont Independent School District; and Fibrebond Corporation.  

“The Beaumont Independent School District can’t say enough good things about Fibrebond. Completing work in a timely fashion, delivering a product that rates at the top of the quality scale and incuding local subcontractors to help complete the onsite work are just a few of the Fibrebond kudos,” said Dr. Carrol Thomas, Beaumont ISD superintendent.

Due to rapid growth within Beaumont Independent School District, the district needed a second, quality built addition to West Brook High School constructed within budget. The project required a fully functional addition and parking lot to be completed before the school year began. The project’s timeline was challenged by the implementation of long lead materials, such as HVAC rooftop units, aluminum canopies and Fibrebond precast buildings.

Fibrebond’s method of construction, a blend of manufactured precast concrete buildings and site construction, accelerated the construction schedule, while providing a high-quality and cost-effective solution. Simultaneous site prep work and manufacturing reduced time and risk of budget overruns.

The design utilized a combination of exterior finishes, including a cast-in, stencil-and-dye brick pattern stamped into the concrete manufactured in Fibrebond’s plant and a direct-applied textured color finish applied onsite. Long lines of the building were broken up by alternating sections and coordinating exterior finishes

A complete listing of winners will be posted in the coming weeks at www.pci.org