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Data Centers

Data Centers

A Better Way to Build

A data center operates as the brain of a company. It houses vast amounts of valuable and confidential data and runs critical processes that businesses rely on second-by-second. Any data center faces constant exposure to threats such as hacking and other criminal activity, unpredictable weather and power outages. To safeguard your data center, you must neutralize all these and maintain smooth-running of important processes. Any breach can result in costly downtime, damage or loss of property, or theft of proprietary information.

Furthermore, data center usage and IT infrastructure requirements change quickly. Data centers must be designed for flexibility and scalability to meet growing operational and capacity requirements.

As an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of intelligent power generation solutions, Fibrebond’s integrated electrical products and services are individually tailored to meet and exceed the power needs of your data center. We provide our customers skid and enclosure options, manufactured using steel, concrete or both; install a variety of power distribution equipment and test all integrated systems before delivering to the job site. Our prefab construction method dramatically reduces cost and ease of completion in comparison to on-site construction.

A data center’s power generation system is the core of its success, and ensuring this equipment is properly installed and tested is very important. Fibrebond’s electrical products are constructed in a controlled manufacturing environment with 24-hour site security. Some of the largest obstacles the hyperscale data center market faces are quality, capacity and supply coordination. Our products and services develop resolution on all of these areas without sacrificing schedule.

In addition, structures are backed by Fibrebond’s industry leading operations:

Quality Manufacturing: Fibrebond delivers consistent high quality from its world-class manufacturing plant and LEAN continuous improvement process.

Capacity: With a facility of over 500,000 square feet on 180 acres, Fibrebond has the capacity to produce projects on any scale.

Delivery Timelines: Fibrebond’s turn-key approach results in accelerated construction timeframes compared to site construction, which is often subject to weather delays and the lack of skilled tradesmen.

Supply Coordination: We design complex solutions and coordinate a supply chain of thousands of parts, including OFCI equipment. OFCI equipment is inventoried in Fibrebond’s facility with limited, secure site access with 24-hour security and surveillance to protect your equipment.

Testing Capabilities: Beyond manufacturing, our facility is equipped for extensive testing to ensure product performance.

Project Management: Our dedicated and experienced project management teams are keenly focused on understanding customer needs to deliver a fully optimized solution.

Ease of Doing Business: Fibrebond has been family-owned and operated throughout its history. Owners are actively managing the company every day, and that daily involvement leads to responsive decisions that the company will always honor.

In today’s business environment, data storage and processing are vital to staying competitive. Smooth software operations facilitate smooth business functioning. Improper housing or threat exposure can result in costly disruptions. Fibrebond’s expertise in manufacturing and integrating electrical products allows them to customize the optimal solution for your needs. Now is the time to protect your data centers. Your business depends on it. Contact our team to learn more about our data center solutions.