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What We Build

Fibrebond builds innovative and reliable structures that protect people and mission-critical equipment. As a team of more than 600 people, we design complex solutions, coordinate a supply chain of thousands of parts, dedicate a skilled team of craftsmen to the project and deliver a high-quality product to our customers.

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Our experience in concrete and steel structural systems lets us deliver cost-efficient solutions to meet each customer’s needs for better, longer-term protection for employees and equipment.

By designing hybrid structures of both steel and concrete, we offer our customers options, including stud-and-panel designs and interlocking panels.

With the expanding utility-scale application of solar power, Fibrebond has built and integrated solar conversion stations for some of the largest solar projects in the world to date. We have produced 2Gw of power for the renewable industry, and the same innovative spirit and customer focus is leading to new applications for the power industry.


We protect your investment in structures and equipment with a comprehensive, ISO-based quality system, which is customized for each project. Our products are designed in-house, reviewed by third-party professional engineers and backed with extended warranties of up to 20 years.

Fibrebond is committed to a much faster turnaround by providing a complete drawing package four weeks after a PO is received. Once a PO is received, each project begins with a kickoff meeting to discuss the project scheduled and the needs required to meet that schedule and complete the design.



Because your employees depend on our products for protection, our enclosures, shelters and skids are designed for all applicable Seismic conditions and wind speeds applicable at site above 180 mph. Our structures are also UL 752 projectile-resistant with a choice of 1 or 2-hour fire ratings. Third party NRTL certification and state Professional Engineer’s stamping and certifications are available as required.

Mission Critical Equipment

Integration and protection of mission critical equipment is the core of our value proposition. We make sure that both equipment and the utility and power systems that support it function properly. Our experience includes integrating battery systems, power conversion equipment, rectifiers, switchgear and switchboards, motor controls, communications equipment, variable speed drives and SCADA systems.