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Project Experience

Grenada, Mississippi
A one car accident resulted in major damage to a customer's cell site. Fibrebond personnel inspected the site within 24 hours of the accident. Fibrebond engineers then designed two retrofit walls. Fibrebond replaced the two walls in less than one day without taking the site off service.

Charles City, Iowa
A one car accident resulted in damage to the wall which supported the HVAC units. Fibrebond personnel removed the units and performed a complete wall replacement. The original HVAC units were then re-installed. The entire job took two days and cellular service was maintained throughout.

Flora, Alabama
After acquiring the sites of another carrier, a Fibrebond customer found a site that was completely overgrown with vines and weeds, making it nearly impossible to reach. Fibrebond personnel cleared the site and completely refurbished the shelter in one day.

176 Shelter Installations
In the fourth quarter of 2004, Fibrebond was challenged to complete equipment installations on 176 shelters for one of the nation'slargest wireless carriers. The project included the installation of power bays, batteries, relay racks and bays using either Ericsson or Seimens products. Teams worked seven days a week installing seven (7) different equipment configurations to get the job done on time.

200 Shelter Installations
Since January of 2006, Fibrebond has completed equipment installations on more than 200 shelters for one of the nation's largest wireless carriers, with 68 of those delivered over a 90-day period. Work included installation of power bays, battery racks, relay racks, Lucent, Nortel and Motorola racking. This is an ongoing project as Fibrebond continues to meet the needs of this national wireless carrier.

186 Shelters Shipped in 90 Days
During the fall of 2003, one of Fibrebond's largest customers needed 123 equipment shelters to expand coverage for cellular users in four different market areas. Each of the 11'6" x 20' shelters were engineered to customer specifications using eight standard building designs and 20 non-standard designs, all with two-hour fire ratings. By maximizing its manufacturing efficiencies, Fibrebond was able to manufacture and ship the 123 shelters, in addition to 63 shelters that were previously constructed and awaiting site assignments, for a total of 186 shelters shipped in 90 days. Fibrebond met the challenges of time, engineering and multi-state code compliance and delivered the project on time.

1,300 Shelter Orders
In 2004-05, Fibrebond was challenged to manufacture and install nearly 1,300 shelters for one of the nation's largest cellular carriers as part of an ongoing national contract. Because of scheduling conflicts, 80 of these shelters had to be delivered in 12 days time. Fibrebond met the challenges presented by customer-supplied, detailed specifications for both construction and equipment installation and delivered every order on time.

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