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Maintain and improve your investment to prevent downtime


As of March 2, 2020, Fibrebond’s Field Services business unit began operating as a separate stand-alone entity named Ground Level Services, LLC. All 37 employees who were a part of Fibrebond’s Field Services team transferred to the new company effective March 1, 2020.

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A Better Way to Protect Your Investment

Ground Level Services maintains, services and upgrades network assets for telecommunications providers, utilities, governmental entities and other market segments that own and operate widely distributed networks. Our service crews are highly experienced with all major equipment components of both wireless and wireline networks and are trained and knowledgeable of current network standards, practices & guidelines. Our typical scope of work ranges from single shelter refurbishments to large scale multi-year capital equipment upgrades and replacements.

  • Repair and maintains all types of shelters, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Work is completed on the cell site without interrupting service.
  • Established relationships with OEM vendors allow quick responses on any warranty issues.
  • Multi-skilled teams can be deployed anywhere in the country. Satisfaction is guaranteed by a three-year warranty on all field services and a 10-year warranty on new roofing.

Lower operating costs and prevent network down time

Ground Level Services help our clients maintain and improve their investment and prevent network down time. Our teams begin by conducting site audits, which are then followed by detailed price proposals.

HVAC Upgrades:

  • Protect your valuable equipment
  • Offer energy efficient and lower operating costs
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the environment

On-going maintenance saves money by preventing damage to equipment:

  • Exterior maintenance
  • Roof repair and replacement
  • Floor repair and replacement
  • Door and hardware replacements
  • Drain extensions and rain shields
  • Generator retrofits

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