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Telecommunications is one the largest markets Fibrebond specializes in. Concrete equipment shelters from Fibrebond have been the industry standard for equipment protection since 1982. With more than 48,000 shelters deployed, Fibrebond has been a leader in helping to build out the nation’s wireless communications system.  Fibrebond offers a full range of products including steel platforms and concrete skids for outdoor equipment.

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  • Concrete equipment shelters from Fibrebond have been the industry standard for equipment protection since 1982.

Fibrebond delivers consistent high quality from its world class manufacturing plant and LEAN continuous improvement process. Shelters are backed by a 10-year structural and roof warranties.

Our computerized concrete batch plant monitors changing weather conditions, which results in a more consistent mix.


Designed and built to precise standards

Fibrebond has the largest plant capacity in the industry, utilizing advanced European concrete processing equipment. Fibrebond’s structural design for concrete shelters incorporates a rigid combination of concrete, structural rebar and welded wire fabric with encapsulated foam to decrease weight and add R-value. Each panel-to-panel connection is triple-sealed for superior weather protection. Shelters are designed to meet all zoning and permitting requirements with unique exteriors available to match existing structures.

Standard design criteria include:

  • 5,000 PSI concrete
  • 100 PSF roof live load
  • 150 PSF floor load with perimeter foundation
  • 500 PSF floor load with slab foundation
  • 150 mph wind load, exposure D
  • When required, increased floor and roof loading designs are available
  • IBC Seismic Site Class D
Design Specifications

Equipment Integration

Fibrebond’s dedicated 75,000sf Integration Center solves logistical challenges for clients and eliminates double handling of shelters and skids. This reduces and eliminates the need for warehouse space and increases the speed of deployment for faster project completion.

Equipment expertise:

  • Integration performed by highly skilled and trained technicians.
  • Communications equipment: Motorola, Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia, Nortel, Thales Transmitter and Lucent.
  • Power systems: Deka, North Starr, Delta, Emerson, Lucent, GNB, Peco II and C&D.
  • FIF frames and DSX panels.
  • Capacity to handle large-scale equipment deployments.
  • Inventory and warehousing personnel receive, barcode and stage equipment to meet 100 percent of Sarbox requirements.

Secure facilities:

  • Limited and secure site access.
  • 24-hour security surveillance.
  • Criminal background checks on all employees.
  • Documented security procedures.

Quality control features:

  • Use of wiring schematic and floor plan for placement of equipment.
  • Establishment of parameters for integrating equipment according to a scope of work.
  • Labeling and wiring all equipment according to specifications.
  • Installing and terminating all wires and cables.
  • Verifying accuracy of all equipment installed upon shipment.
  • Allowing complete access to equipment inventory through a secure FTP site.

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