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Data Centers

A Better Building Solution for Data Center Construction

Fibrebond’s concrete shelters offer a better building solution for data center construction with multiple benefits to customers:

  • Security and Efficiency. Fibrebond structures provide a building envelope with unsurpassed physical security and highly energy efficient C-I-C (concrete-insulation-concrete) construction.
  • High Performance. Fibrebond’s role in the buildout of the nation’s wireless networks provides deep experience in the installation of backup generators, UPS,redundant HVAC, free air cooling and fire suppression systems.
  • Progressive Design. A variety of exterior finishes and architectural designs offer flexibility to match existing structures for an aesthetically pleasing facility.
  • Scalable. Buildings are stand-alone and require no external superstructure or warehouse. Scalability allows clients to build only for current needs.
  • Manufacturing Quality. Fibrebond delivers consistent high quality from its world class manufacturing plant and LEAN continuous improvement process.
  • Capacity. Fibrebond’s 230,000sf manufacturing plant and 75,000sf equipment installation center allow for large-scale production capacity.
  • Integrated. All equipment can be installed at the plant and delivered directly to site, saving time and money.
  • Compliance. Inventory and warehousing procedures fully comply with Sarbox requirements.
  • Inventory Security. Equipment is inventoried in Fibrebond’s facility where limited, secure site access with 24-hour security and surveillance to protect your equipment.
  • Accessibility. FTP site access offers complete tracking and verification of inventory.