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Data Centers

A Better Building Solution for Data Center Construction

Fibrebond’s concrete shelters offer a better building solution for data center construction. Our construction method offers multiple benefits to customers:

  • Secure and Efficient. Our primary mission is to provide a building envelope with unsurpassed physical security. Fibrebond’s C-I-C (concrete-insulation-concrete) wall construction serves as a thermal-mass wall and is highly energy efficient.
  • High Performance. Fibrebond has played a large role in the buildout of the nation’s wireless networks since 1982, developing deep experience in the installation of backup generator, UPS, redundant HVAC, free air cooling and fire suppression systems.
  • Progressive Design. A variety of exterior finishes and architectural design details offer flexibility to match existing structures and provide the correct aesthetic to your facility.
  • Scalable. Buildings are stand-alone and require no external super structure or warehouse. Fibrebond concrete structures are scalable, allowing clients to only build what they currently need.
  • Manufacturing. Fibrebond delivers consistent high quality from its world class manufacturing plant and LEAN continuous improvement process.
  • Capacity. Fibrebond’s 230,000sf manufacturing plant and 75,000sf equipment installation center allow for large-scale production capacity.
  • Integrated. All equipment can be installed at the plant and delivered directly to site, saving time and money.
  • Compliant. Inventory and warehousing procedures fully comply with Sarbox requirements.
  • Secure. Equipment is inventoried in Fibrebond’s secure facility. Limited and secure site access and 24-hour security and surveillance ensure the protection of your equipment.
  • Accessible. FTP site access for complete tracking and verification of inventory.

Download: Global Data Systems Data Center.pdf

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