Data Grows in Usage, Data Centers Grow in Efficiency with Hector Moreno of Fibrebond


As data usage continues to grow across all industries, the need for efficiency increases exponentially. That trend is having a profound impact on the construction side of data centers. On MarketScale’s AEC podcast, Hector Moreno, the Director of Business Development Data Centers for Fibrebond discussed a few challenges on the construction side of these mission-critical buildings, the varying rules that each state develops, how environmental factors are a basic part of design, and a relatively new approach to deployment of a custom solution.

“If you look at where the larger data centers have been built, in the last 10-15 years, they’ve been built in areas where there’s been an abundance of energy,” Moreno said. “These larger companies that are building these data centers… they set up their business plan based on their energy consumption and what they can pay for it. That’s one of the main criteria for selecting a site.”