Fibrebond Power

Power Control centers protect your power and, in turn, your service. Safety is prioritized at Fibrebond and the latest line of power control centers internalizes this philosophy. Through precast concrete and steel products like its power control center, Fibrebond has driven its way through the industry with innovative standards, topping all other competitors for the last thirty years.

Using LEAN manufacturing, Fibrebond continues to lead innovative production through waste reduction, consistent quality, and unparalleled customer support. Customers’ expectations of uninterrupted power supply are what drives a strong standard of living, and even the briefest of interruptions can affect their perception of your quality as a service provider. Poor weather conditions can oftentimes be the biggest source of power interruption, which makes reliable and weather-resistant power centers a necessity in running your service at the highest level.

Because facilities depend on these power stations for uninterrupted business performance, durability and consistency are integral to Fibrebond’s carefully built products. Designed to withstand applicable seismic conditions and wind speeds up to 180 mph, the concrete-steel hybrid stations are built to provide a lasting service. In fact, the use of concrete and steel in production of power stations is the source of cost efficiency within Fibrebond’s design. It’s also the source of individuality and innovative drive attached to Fibrebond’s name within the industry.

When considering the quality of your service, safety, reliability and efficiency are imperative to maintaining satisfied customers and employees. Customers want to feel their service is reliable. Everyone wants a service that helps preserve the environment and cuts costs while maintaining its integrity. It is this blend of safety, reliability, and efficiency that has carried Fibrebond’s products through the last thirty years of customer satisfaction.

However, Fibrebond’s reputation for innovative manufacturing of reliable and cost-efficient concrete and steel products rests on the quality of its products and the satisfaction of service providers’ customers. With customizable size and finish options, Fibrebond’s expertise in engineering products to fit your every need comes with its reliability as a trusted name and respectable producer. Do you need a dependable partner in providing consistent quality service to your customers? Get in touch with us and we’ll deliver a construction service that your customers will appreciate.