Fibrebond: Putting people first in a high-tech world

Workplace culture and customer service are critical elements in a company’s success. We are fortunate to live in a world with impressive technology and conveniences that make our lives easier and safer. However, these advancements can overshadow the key elements to a good life: how we treat one another.

Even with such great understanding of the power of technology, Fibrebond has not forgotten the value of integrity. In 1982, our company was founded in response to the thriving telecommunications industry and the forward-thinking notions about future needs to protect the delicate equipment involved. And even though our work in creating protective structures partners us with high-tech industries, we continue to focus on people first with an eye on how our products, services, and employment improve their lives.

Fibrebond has been family-owned and operated throughout its history. The business has no outside investors, and this stability gives us longer-term, investment-minded focus. The owners are actively managing the company every day, and that daily involvement leads to responsive decisions that the company will always honor.

Over 175 employees have invested more than 10 years at Fibrebond. People stay at Fibrebond because they believe in what we do and how we do it. This collective experience directly impacts our quality and responsiveness. All points of a project, from initial design to completion, are coordinated with a single Fibrebond project manager to offer our clients the utmost level of responsiveness. In our 30 years, we have supplied more than 46,000 units for the power and communications industries. Today, we have sold protective structures in all fifty states as well as internationally. Our transparency and integrity have made our name synonymous with trust all over the world.

We believe that if we continue to focus on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of our daily work, then good results will follow. Fibrebond’s culture is one where employees are empowered to make decisions and execute them. Honesty with each other and with our customers is the heart of our business. As the company performs well, every employee, customer, and owner stand to benefit from our success.

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