Fibrebond: rules of engagement

What is an “engaged” employee? According to Gallup, “engaged employees are involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work.” Unfortunately, Gallup’s own polls show the percentage of U.S. workers in 2015 considered engaged in their jobs averaged 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were “not engaged,” while another 17.2% were “actively disengaged.” The numbers have remained largely flat for the past several years.

Fibrebond has pledged to do better than this. To have continued success in the face of change takes employees who care about their customers, who demand excellence of themselves and their co-workers, and who see the problems faced by customers and respond with creative solutions.

In 1982, businessman Claud Walker founded Fibrebond, recognizing the potential of the emerging wireless telecommunications industry’s need for strong, durable, aesthetic shelters to protect equipment. Since then, Fibrebond has grown into a sophisticated, cutting-edge manufacturer of concrete, steel and hybrid structures for the telecommunications, power and institutional markets. As such, Fibrebond is committed to finding ways to keep moving forward.

The Building Engagement Team (BET) is an employee-empowered approach to identifying challenges in the workplace and developing solutions that will make Fibrebond a better place to work. BET is made up of employees representing many departments, with varied years of service. Current BET members include: Durwin Adams, Production (17 years’ experience), Jay Nethers, Engineering (1 year), Greg Deloach, Production (26 years), Sharon Pulsifer, IT (25 years), Gerald Smolenski, Bill of Materials (26 years), Stephanie Jordan, Marketing (7 years), and Michael Miller, Production (19 years).

In their weekly meetings, the team discusses employee feedback and surveys. They identify issues, research alternative approaches and recommend ways to engage and empower employees, and communicate them to HR. The following categories are their main areas of focus:

  • employee engagement
  • performance review process
  • flexibility in work scheduling
  • communication
  • employee recruitment/development
  • employee assistance
  • community involvement
  • employee benefits

Employees are the face of a business. They are sources of innovation and organizational knowledge. They interact with customers at every level and create lasting impressions. They personify the company’s service philosophy and are expected to live by its culture and values. When the products a company offers appear similar to other companies on the surface, exceptional service can be a competitive advantage. Competing through service is only possible when an organization treats its employees as members of the team.

Engaged workers largely determine an organization’s success. When your employees aren’t happy at work, they don’t care about meeting goals, providing great customer service, or increasing revenue. Engaged employees support the innovation, growth and revenue their companies need. By empowering employees to do their jobs, believe in their work and make a positive impact, Fibrebond is building a better company for both their employees and their customers.

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