Fibrebond & the future growth of the mobile industry

In 2014, there were approximately 7.1 billion mobile subscriptions. In 2015, there were an estimated 3.1 billion Internet users, 25% of whom will have access to fixed broadband. In the coming years, the number of wireless phones, Internet users, and wireless data demands will have never been higher. As a result of this growth in the mobile industry, more wireless towers will be built, which will require proper protective shelters. Fibrebond, who first developed panelized buildings to protect the mobile industry’s sensitive equipment in 1991, is uniquely positioned to be the shelter provider of choice for the growing telecommunications industry. Wireless data demands will only increase in the coming years, as technological advances and changing consumer behavior will lead to a massive growth in data.

Wearable’s, like the Apple Watch, and “smart” home devices like Nest are part of a growing “Internet of Things” where devices are connected and communicate wirelessly with one another. This is leading to a rapid increase in wireless data usage, and the telecommunications industry will have to continue to build more and more towers to support data demands. Fibrebond has seen this type of mobile growth before, as it has grown in tandem with the telecommunications industry. In 2004, one of the nation’s largest cellular carriers requested nearly 1,300 shelters for part of an ongoing national contract. Because of scheduling conflicts, 80 of these shelters had to be delivered in 12 days.

Fibrebond met the challenges of the customer’s detailed specifications for both construction and equipment installation to deliver every order on time. Fibrebond’s ability to deliver is based on our fine-tuned manufacturing and installation process. Fibrebond’s concrete equipment shelters are better than cabinets, and automated production increases our speed and volume thresholds. Your new equipment can be installed at our plant and delivered to your cell tower site, minimizing turnaround time and potential errors. Our shelters, above all, protect your essential equipment from temperature, severe weather, theft, and vandalism, ensuring your investment lasts as long as possible. Massive data consumption will only continue to grow with the rise of the mobile subscriptions, Internet users, data usage, and the “Internet of Things.”

With the telecommunications industry poised for massive, continued growth, the need to develop the infrastructure to support that growth is on the rise, as well. Fibrebond’s legacy of specializing in creating telecommunications shelters and housing positions, will continue to support the unique needs of the wireless industry. Visit to review product details, view case studies of our favorite equipment shelter projects, and learn more about the impact Fibrebond will continue to have on the mobile industry.