As Fibrebond has shifted its focus toward more technical markets, a need for a more sophisticated representation of its mission statement arose. In 2013, members of Fibrebond’s executive team, directors, and managers from all departments attended an offsite retreat during which the company’s mission statement was developed.

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While the mission statement’s message and principles remains the same, the visual storytelling of Fibrebond’s mission statement has changed with its changing focus on more technical markets.

A History of Growth and Repeated Expansion
In 1982, Claud Walker, recognizing the potential of the emerging wireless telecommunications industry’s need for strong, durable, aesthetic shelters to protect equipment, founded Fibrebond. By 1984, the company’s growth required it to expand from its original small site in Bossier City, Louisiana, to the current 180-acre site in Minden, and its focus became the development of panelized buildings to protect the emerging cellular telephone industry’s sensitive equipment.

In 1991, to provide telecommunications customers a more complete solution, Fibrebond began offering equipment installation services, and in 1994, the company built an Installation Center to receive, warehouse, and install customer equipment into Fibrebond shelters. Using the technical expertise gained in the telecom market, FIbrebond diversified its business in 2013 to offer integrated structures for the Power industry.

The success of Fibrebond allowed it to acquire International Supply Company (ISCO) in 2015. With more than 33 years in business in Edelstein, Illinois, ISCO is a leader in engineering and manufacturing intelligent solutions for the power generation industry. ISCO is committed to providing customer power integration and packaging solutions for prime, backup, and critical-grade customers around the world.

An Appreciation for the Past, With All Eyes on the Future
Fibrebond executives and managers developed the company’s mission statement in 2013 with the assistance of a graphical recorder and meeting coordinator from Sunni Brown. The original statement is a vibrant cartoon-like drawing that highlights all the things the Fibrebond team loves about the company. Since 2013, this original hand-drawn mission statement has been hanging in the lobby of the main facility. In addition, there are replicas placed all around the entire facility. The implementation of a new mission statement design speaks to the culture of Fibrebond and its people. FIbrebond is a business that is constantly evolving and seeking continuous improvement in all aspects.

The decision to update and refine the logo reveals Fibrebond is the kind of company determined to keep up with changing circumstances.

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