Nine Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prefab Enclosure Company

When choosing a prefab enclosure company, there are a number of important factors to consider. At Fibrebond, our goal is to excel in each of these areas in order to build innovative and reliable structures that protect people and mission-critical equipment. Let’s take a look at how we set ourselves apart.

Experience: Fibrebond was founded by Claud Walker and his partners in 1982 and is still family-owned today. For 36 years, our company has remained a sophisticated, cutting-edge manufacturer of enclosures for telecom equipment, data centers and power generators.

Design capabilities: Our standard turnaround for fully-customized designs is just four weeks, including a detailed Bill of Materials (BOM). And once designs are approved by the customer, Fibrebond’s building plans are sent to a third-party engineering firm for State Approval stamping, removing the risk of delays due to local AHJ inspections.

Quality: We foster a company culture of continuous improvement. To ensure customers are receiving a quality product, inspections are performed at each stage of production prior to a structure moving on to the next phase, tracked by a quality traveler. If any issues are found, they can be traced to the original source, analyzed and improved upon before moving forward.

Customer Service: At Fibrebond, our employees go above and beyond to assure our customers are delighted with each and every product. We operate using a team structure. Each project manager is paired with a designer that tackles projects collectively. We empower our team leaders to make decisions so they can move quickly and get things done.

Consistency: Although we manufacture customized structures, we follow standardized manufacturing methods to streamline our process and deliver high-quality products. Fibrebond’s prefab construction method dramatically reduces cost and eases completion in comparison to on-site construction.

Facilities: After a fire destroyed our original manufacturing facility in 1998, Fibrebond opened a new plant the following year with advanced European concrete processing equipment. In 2014, we purchased an adjacent facility and converted it into a structural steel production facility to create more than 500,000 square feet of production space on 180 contiguous acres in Minden, Louisiana. Our expansion continued in 2015 when we acquired the assets of a Genset enclosure manufacturer in Edelstein, Illinois.

Production Capability: With our two locations and the scale of those operations, we have the greatest production capabilities and logistical network available to meet the demands of high-volume orders and tight construction timelines.

Material Capability: We’re the only enclosure manufacturer with the capability to manufacture using precast concrete, steel and any combination of the two. The options we provide our customers empower them to choose the most cost-effective solution for their unique project.

Competitive Prices: Quality can be expensive, so our purchasing team stays on top of material costs and works closely with long-time vendors to negotiate the very best prices. And we are continually reviewing and improving our internal pricing tool to find more ways to save our customers money.

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