The Fibrebond integration method: Here the magic happens

You’re designing a new data center, ready to take on the first and most critical decision: whether to choose a turnkey solution or a site-built option. Deciding to move forward with the traditional site-built process, however, introduces concerns that can affect your project timeline and equipment security.

Only a turnkey approach can satisfy the need for a lasting and quality product available for immediate use. “Turnkey solutions go beyond building a great structure,” says Stephanie Jordan, Director of Marketing at Fibrebond. “We have skilled tradesmen at our facility to integrate customer equipment and deliver a project on site, ready to use.”

A large workforce of skilled labor can be difficult to find when considering on-site construction, whereas Fibrebond has a workforce of more than 450 employees and 180 of those employees have invested more than 10 years with the company. Our products are 100% customized to meet each job’s specifications.

Fibrebond’s integration method is  based on quality and consistency that is harnessed through LEAN manufacturing principles to reduce waste, guarantee a quality-built, stable product, and deliver an excellent structure on time. Quality inspections are performed during each phase of production to ensure customer specifications are met, and Fibrebond offers design development engineering and logistical services to ensure customer satisfaction with the end product.

Security is another leading concern when considering an on-site construction method. Valuable equipment is exposed to dust, dirt and other elements during the construction phase, as well as numerous contractors working on the job site. With Fibrebond’s turnkey approach, customer equipment is barcoded, stored and trackable in our secure warehouse facility. “Our equipment can be warehoused at our secure facility which provides a safe, climate controlled environment for expensive, sensitive equipment, and we assign one project manager to oversee construction and integration of your project,” says Jordan. “This is where we bring our customer’s value. We simplify the process for them, using the same methodology for all markets we serve. We make life easier for anyone requiring a mission-critical structure.”

When researching options to quickly expand your dada center, it’s crucial to remember turnkey solutions are the superior path to take for an integrated end-product. With consistent experience in high quality service, Fibrebond is the natural choice in speeding up the delivery process and doing the job right.

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