UL 2200: The right solution for protecting your critical power equipment

Are you one of the millions who have invested in expensive outdoor power and/or utility equipment? Did you know that you may actually be running the risk of your equipment being damaged by weather conditions? It’s a frightening prospect, and one we are sure you want to avoid. If you have an interest in protecting your investment at minimum cost, take a moment to explore the best solution to this potential problem.

To effectively protect your investment in critical power units, turn to International Supply Company (ISCO), a division of Fibrebond. ISCO’s UL 2200-listed enclosure is the perfect option; these enclosures have been verified by a third party to be sturdy enough to withstand the most severe weather conditions. These enclosures are built by an unmatched team: Fibrebond consists of a highly-trained group of professionals who strive for safety, quality and customer satisfaction, evidenced by the continued growth and success of the company.

Millions of organization all across the world rely on gensets to serve as a backup during an emergency. A reliable way to protect this equipment is essential.

ISCO’s high-quality products are noted for their features and benefits. Their UL 2200-listed enclosures are highly durable, created with sound-attenuated insulation, and able to withstand winds up to 150 mph. In addition, these enclosures are designed to meet detailed and specific acoustic applications. Finally, they are environmentally-friendly.

Fibrebond is a company that has the expertise and experience to back up the products produced by its engineers. On average, our employees have been a part of this company for 15 years. They have created thousands of quality products with pride and integrity. This dedication continues to set us apart from our competition. Our employees are always committed to improving the quality of our products and the overall satisfaction rate of our customers.

UL is a global independent safety science company with over 50 years of expertise in innovating and developing efficient and practical safety solutions, from the public adoption of electricity to breakthroughs in renewable energy, sustainability and nanotechnology. This company is dedicated to promoting both stable and safe work environments and also facilitating trade and peace of mind. UL also provides the knowledge and expertise to help direct growing complexities throughout the supply chain from regulatory and compliance issues to market access and trade challenges.

Fibrebond has recognized the potential risks of not protecting your power equipment and has set out to protect customers who have purchased this costly equipment. Fibrebond has accomplished this goal by developing reliable enclosures that can withstand the most severe weather conditions.

It is time to stop risking your investment and learn about your options.