Valuable partnership fuels Fibrebond power business unit

Fibrebond Power is designed to cater to the needs of the power industry. We took managers and engineers who previously worked on our utility scale solar projects and dedicated them to target large applications within the power sector. By leveraging the quality and the scale we’ve achieved building mission-critical equipment structures, Fibrebond Power is leading the way in developing innovations for the power industry.

Fibrebond’s design competency has long been an asset to our partners, but leadership sought expansion of the company’s 3D computer aided design (CAD) capabilities. That’s where General Datum came in. General Datum is able to provide CAD services, and proved to be a reliable and valuable partner to Fibrebond during the crucial startup chapter of the new business unit.

“Our partnership with General Datum helped us move at a fast pace during the startup phase of our Fibrebond Power business unit,” explains Graham Walker, co-owner of Fibrebond Power. “General Datum provided expertise in 3D computer aided design, and the personnel to execute.”

The India-based company offers its partner clients product design and development services, 3D modeling and drafting services, and product cost analysis. Its team of more than 35 talented and dynamic engineers work together to provide electro-mechanical and software engineering services to telecom, power and energy, and consumer and industrial customers around the globe.

The professionals at General Datum are able to work while the engineers and project managers at Fibrebond are asleep; work can be completed for the team when everyone arrives in the morning.

“We initially intended to use General Datum as a drafting service,” Walker says. “Our relationship has grown into more of a partnership; General Datum is more involved in the design our product than we anticipated.”

At Fibrebond Power, we pride ourselves on having flexibility in our process. This allows us to be incredibly responsive to our customers. Each customer is different and has its own set of specifications. Working with General Datum is just one piece of a bigger puzzle designed to serve our customers with speed, creativity and excellence.

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