Fibrebond: a leader in industry and community

Fibrebond Corporation’s success is an example of what’s possible when family values and industry innovation unite. The company has evolved from a 12-man telecom team to Webster Parish, Louisiana’s fourth-largest employer with 495 employees. Today, Fibrebond services the telecom, power, and data center industries with mission-critical structures. Fibrebond’s current slogan, “A better way to build,” sums up more than three decades of experience.

Fibrebond was founded by Claud Walker and his partners in 1982, after recognizing the emerging wireless telecommunications industry’s need for strong, durable, aesthetic telecom shelters to protect equipment. Even though Fibrebond has experienced tremendous growth over the past three decades, there were still challenges along the way.

The business went through a transitional time in 1996 after the last of Claud’s partners left the firm. Then, in 1998, a massive fire destroyed the entire plant, forcing the company to move all manufacturing outdoors or to other nearby facilities. But despite the setback, Fibrebond made sure that its employees never missed a paycheck. In less than a year, the company built a brand new facility that incorporated even more advanced manufacturing equipment.

One of Walker’s brothers joined Fibrebond in 1998, and his son, Graham, followed suit in 2004, keeping the family business free of outside investors. When International Paper closed its Minden, Louisiana plant in 2012, the community lost an estimated 200 jobs. Fibrebond stepped in and bought the facility in 2014. The company began its power operations at the new plant, providing jobs that helped replace losses from the paper plant closure. In 2015, Fibrebond expanded again with the acquisition of International Supply Company (ISCO).

Today, Fibrebond is a sophisticated, cutting-edge manufacturer of enclosures for telecom equipment, data centers, and power generators, and also provides field services. Fibrebond remains a family-owned business to this day. Graham Walker is the current president, having learned the business from his father.

Fibrebond has a long history of creating and maintaining jobs in Minden. Fibrebond is proud to be an important part of the Minden community and is committed to being a good corporate citizen. The company donates to causes such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, various churches and Christian-run organizations, and sponsors Dixie baseball and softball teams.

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