Fibrebond- Generating Excellence

For over 30 years, Fibrebond, located in Northern Louisiana, has built mission-critical equipment structures for the power industry, telecom industry, and backup power generation. Building a platform or building is the simplest thing we do. It’s the installing customer’s equipment while handling and wiring correctly where we make the difference. At Fibrebond, we have the ability to simplify a customer’s complex needs by bringing those needs into our facility and outputting a reliable product. It’s about how you build the structure and how you take care of the equipment you put in the structure.

“We’re in the project space business and you’re only as good as the last project you’ve done. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a telecom project, backup gen-set or power, any project that we’re working on, people take pride in our ability to execute and in a timely manner and with quality.” – Graham Walker, President & CEO

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