Fibrebond Power: Hybrid Enclosure Solutions for your power center demands

Concrete and steel are the essential building blocks of modern construction projects, with unique strengths and weaknesses attributed to both. When combined, the advantages of one balances the weaknesses of the other, resulting in structures with maximum strength and resiliency.

Power enclosures are ideal candidates for this hybrid design because of their unique requirements: they must provide durable and long-lasting housing while addressing safety concerns singular to power storage and exchange. For customers, however, the advantages of hybrid construction are generally out of reach – with one exception. Fibrebond Power is the only manufacturer of power enclosures offering steel and concrete construction in our designs.

Tim Clifton is our in-house power center expert who points to another hybrid advantage: cost. “When hybrid construction is utilized, our construction time is decreased. It also potentially saves the customer money.”

Concrete has long been regarded as a fundamental building material because of its remarkable resistance to the weathering effects of time. Concrete ensures a structure that can withstand enormous amounts of pressure and exposure to elements. Because of this attribute, costs for maintenance or repairs are negligible. Where it falls short is in its ability to absorb and redistribute dynamic pressure when tensile strength is required.

In the 20th century, steel became construction’s universal answer to demands for flexibility with durability. Due to steel’s elastic range, it can absorb the dynamic forces of earthquakes and other acute stressors without warping or breaking. With concrete and steel manufacturing processes under one roof, Fibrebond Power is uniquely positioned to provide hybrid enclosure solutions for any of your power center demands. Because we manufacture according to LEAN principles, we can expedite exceptionally sturdy, precast structures without wasted time, materials or labor, driving costs down in the process. With Fibrebond, you’ll have confidence your product will meet all of your spec requirements and withstand structural stressors long-term without sustaining damage or requiring a lot of maintenance. In addition, your product will undergo quality inspections at every phase of production.

Any housing needs for medium and low voltage switchgear, switchboards, motor-control centers, UPS and DC systems, power-conversion equipment, communications equipment, variable frequency drives and remote monitoring and control systems can be met by Fibrebond, the industry leader in power enclosure solutions. That lead status has been cemented by the fact that Fibrebond can do what no one else can – utilize the strengths of hybrid construction for a product that ensures the long-term safety of your equipment and staff.

“We can manufacture a product which the building is made of concrete and the floor is steel, or we can manufacture a product in which the floor is concrete and the walls are steel…or any combination of the two,” says Clifton. “The result is a safer structure. Hybrid constructed buildings will not allow a continuous path for electricity to follow through the building, in the case that the building becomes energized for any reason. They can also achieve higher wind/blast ratings than standard interlocking metal panels.”

With Fibrebond, it’s easy to see why we stand apart from the rest of the industry.

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