For concrete solutions and enclosures, turn to Fibrebond

From cave dwellings, wood, thatch, and adobe, to concrete and steel, the world of architecture has come a long way. Indeed, the use of steel and concrete has resulted in buildings so tall that their tops can sometimes disappear into the clouds. That is a testament to their enduring strength.

Fibrebond is always looking for ways to innovate, and we believe concrete and steel both offer unique benefits to the industry. Concrete is inherently stronger, much simpler to design, and faster to manufacture than steel generator enclosures. Being able to manufacturing gen sets using both concrete and steel provides us with versatile designs so we’re able to accommodate various needs and sizes of enclosures.

Concrete is naturally fire-resistant, holds up under manmade and natural disasters, and with cast-in-place reinforcement, can even resist winds of more than 200 mph. Even though the prices of many construction materials have increased, the cost of ready-mix concrete has remained stable. And concrete buildings can be built much faster than other kinds of buildings and traditional site built construction. All of these are reasons why Fibrebond is looking into the use of concrete for their genset enclosures.

Fibrebond’s manufacturing facility concentrates on production utilizing LEAN manufacturing principles:

  • Loss-Reduction by reducing all kinds of waste—including materials, scrap, time in process, labor, etc.
  • Assurance of high quality and consistency
  • Rapid response to critical needs
  • Delivery of superior quality precast buildings on time and at the best value

Introducing concrete to this process would not change its fundamentals. In fact, the qualities of concrete can help us realize our goals.

Our computerized concrete batch plant sets a specific concrete mix for the specific panels being produced. This gives Fibrebond the flexibility we need to cast and monitor any kind of concrete mix for consistency. The mix is transported to the casting bed and poured into it using an advanced Skako panel casting system. This procedure ensures that Fibrebond can create the perfect concrete casts to produce the perfect concrete enclosures for your every need.

Fibrebond continues to innovate when it comes to product offerings and is anticipating introducing concrete into our process for generator enclosures. It’s to our competitive advantage to offer new and pioneering products to the market, and we are certain that our innovations in concrete will provide our customers with the very best enclosures in the market.

Quality specifications are performed during each phase of production to ensure customer requirements are met. Fibrebond offers design development engineering and logistical services and can also provide secure warehousing for customers’ valuable materials and equipment. At Fibrebond, our employees go above and beyond to assure the customer is completely satisfied with their product.

If you are interested in finding out more about our products, contact us today, and allow us the privilege of helping you with your construction needs.