ISCO: Dependability from attention to detail

Trucks, boats, planes, and trains, through sun, rain, snow, and hurricanes—moving goods and materials around the world is complicated, and it’s vital to have a competent and experienced logistics team to keep the surprises at a minimum. International Supply Company (ISCO) coordinates logistics and shipping of our generator enclosures nationwide. Because of our experienced and well-versed team, we can assure our clients that their products will arrive when they need them. And since we are just a short distance from the major generator OEM factories, which reduces costs for shipping generators to our shop for integration, our logistical focus is outbound, meaning we are much more concerned about getting our product out to you than we are anything else.

ISCO has a team of project managers and logistics coordinators that work with heavy haulers to ensure on-time arrival at the job site. On-time arrival is key to the success of most projects, so we don’t leave it to chance—we make sure all the details are considered. For example, having our team of experts involved with the logistics ensures that the proper dimensions and weights are communicated to the heavy haulers. This communication is important to ensure that the haulers have the right capacity. If a route requires certain dimensional or weight restrictions, we can custom design a package to fit those demands.

Whether you need our units on the east or west coast, or even Singapore or the Middle East, we’ve got you covered. We have worked with clients who have sites all over the world, so we understand the delivery requirements in many different countries. From our centrally-located headquarters in Illinois, we have access to the interstate systems for each coast and all major U.S. ports. Of course, transporting units doesn’t always happen by truck. We have sent many units on barges, starting in the Illinois River and connecting to the Mississippi River.

One of the most important parts of a client’s experience is the delivery of the unit to the job site. Generators and their enclosures, which we ship together, are needed on job sites every day, so logistics isn’t just a secondary consideration. We’ve invested in our project management and logistics team to make the shipping and delivery smooth. We are able to coordinate shipping and logistics for practically any site around the world. We understand all the regulations and requirements for many countries and locations, so no matter where you are in the world, you can count on us to get your equipment and enclosures where you need them, when you need them.

To learn more about how we can deliver generator enclosures to your project site, request a brochure from us online today!