On-site construction can now be a thing of the past for data centers

Downtime is kryptonite for a data center. Delays in service for even routine operations can be costly, and an all-out power failure is often catastrophic. A streamlined and well-constructed power generation system is at the center of any data center’s success. At Fibrebond, our goal is to deliver products of any scale that are ready to go from the minute they arrive and are hard-wired into the center. With this assurance, our business partners can rest easy knowing their data center is safe and secure from any threat.

With hyperscale data centers on the rise, this turnkey service is even more crucial. These centers require electrical rooms and products that have been constructed in a manufacturing environment rather than on-site, where weather and other unforeseen circumstances can cause delays. By building in a controlled setting, businesses can streamline data center production without losing quality or risking downtime and outages.

Fibrebond’s facility, covering over 500,000 square feet on 180 acres, allows us to do exactly that. No matter how large the project, we can construct the needed electrical elements on an accelerated timeframe. The construction occurs in a facility with 24-hour security and surveillance, ensuring the equipment and investment of our partners is protected.

Not only is the process quicker due to the controlled environment, but the quality of the end-result is also much higher. Fibrebond builds hybrid structures of both concrete and steel, producing a cost-effective product that is built to last. After the construction phase, extensive testing occurs between electrical lineups and the facility’s generator, saving time and hassle once the product is actually delivered. By utilizing Fibrebond’s in-house construction, companies receive a turnkey electrical solution that will last longer and require less maintenance than structures built directly on-site.

From our headquarters in Minden, Louisiana, Fibrebond has consistently produced innovative structures for mission critical equipment. As data centers continue to grow and become absolutely central to the minute-by-minute operations of companies, Fibrebond’s in-house construction of a variety of enclosure solutions has made us a trusted and dependable partner for businesses all over the nation. With a team of experts and dedicated individuals who work with a customer-first mindset, there are plenty of reasons to put your trust in Fibrebond for your data system protection.

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