Fibrebond – products are customized, perfection is standard

Joe Kerner, Vice President of Operations at Fibrebond, explains that every customer has different requirements and different specifications when building their data center. Fibrebond works hard to execute on all of those specifications. While every project Fibrebond does is different, one thing remains the same: extremely high quality.

The team at Fibrebond works hard to understand what the customer needs. The team makes sure all operation steps are defined up front, so when the handoff to the operation team occurs, they have the labor and the sequence lined up properly so it is executed seamlessly. Every product is different, but the process to create each one is the same.

Fibrebond’s manufacturing facility concentrates on production utilizing LEAN manufacturing principles to reduce all kinds of waste, ensure quality and consistency, allow rapid response to critical needs and provide delivery of a superior products on time and at the best value.

To learn more about our approach, please enjoy the video.

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