Testing generators generates more production

When a generator arrives on site, it’s important that it be fully vetted and tested. That way it’s ready to get to work. ISCO performs a series of tests on generators—including verification of safety alarms, response times, and ability to hold a load—before they arrive on site in order to identify any problems with the manufacturing of the unit. If any issues are identified, it can be remediated before it even reaches its location. Testing before shipping reduces any costs associated with fixing the issues, and it also means time and money isn’t wasted.

We take testing very seriously at ISCO. We can test generators up to 4000 kW at various voltages, and our load banks make it possible for us to test for both leading and lagging power factors. We have plenty of test equipment, so we can test multiple generators at one time, and our proximity to generator service centers allows OEM technicians to quickly identify and solve problems if necessary. We can test diesel-powered generators as well as natural gas-powered generators from our facility’s utility line.

It is necessary to test your system under load to make sure the generator will perform as designed, when it is most needed. Indeed, this is the only way to truly assess your generator in the field. With our load bank testing we will check for restive and reactive generator output power. Once they have successfully gone through this battery of tests, they will then be ready to work at a moment’s notice.

Generators are essential equipment for many jobs, and they must work when needed and be able to do so efficiently and for a certain period of time. That is why we thoroughly check every generator that will go inside one of our enclosures before it even gets to you. Our technicians have the necessary skills to operate the generator for assessment, and we can also facilitate the test for the consumer’s technical staff.

Testing occurs before shipping off the equipment to the site. Customers are more than welcome to visit our facility for the testing process. Engineers, owners, commissioners, and other members of the project team may review the generator, equipment enclosure, and other accessories for adherence to the project specifications prior to arrival at the job site. In the end, though, what we want is to make sure that a working generator is delivered to you so that you can put it right to work without delay.

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