Unparalleled competitive responsiveness

In publicly-owned companies, management is often sequestered away from other parts of the organization. This means the individuals in management at these companies may not communicate well with other members of their organizations or respond to customer concerns. As a result, they can be slow to react to market changes and may fail to innovate when necessary. Businesses need a partner whose management is involved in day-to-day operations and can quickly respond to customers’ needs. The bureaucracy and over-segmentation of publicly owned companies clouds their judgment and makes them sluggish instead of responsive. When a customer has a problem it should be resolved quickly. Many companies, especially publicly-owned companies, simply cannot resolve problems quickly because of their corporate structure and culture.

Poor customer service is a major cause of buyer’s remorse. When a business makes a purchase, they need to be supported before, during, and after the buying process to have a completely positive experience. Fibrebond builds a variety of shelters for equipment and people. Because shelter-building is a long-term process, customers may need services after project completion or require additional shelters later on. There must be an established, long-term business relationship between the customer and the builder of the shelter.

With a typical corporate company that builds shelters, customer service may waver. In contrast, Fibrebond is committed to providing the highest degree of quality in customer service at all times. When customers purchase precast concrete modules from other companies, they risk delays in production due to poor communication within the company and with the customer. There is no such risk when customers choose Fibrebond, a company whose owners are directly involved in day-to-day operations and management. Fibrebond has no outside investors to answer to, meaning employees are empowered to make executive decisions that are best for the customer. Fibrebond customers communicate with a single project manager for utmost responsiveness at every step of a project.

Extended warranties and a strong history of success are two more reasons to choose Fibrebond, which has installed over 45,000 units for clients in various markets. In addition, there are benefits to working with a family business that extend to the economy as a whole. Family-owned businesses create close to 80% of all new jobs, employ two-thirds of American employees, and produce over half of the country’s GDP. Fibrebond is one such employer; there are over 175 employees who have worked with Fibrebond for more than ten years. Family businesses have distinct advantages that even financial experts cannot help but notice.

Open, honest, and timely communication is fundamental to any good business relationship. Publicly-owned companies must cater first to shareholders rather than customers, making them unresponsive from the top down. Fibrebond has superiority over corporate companies as a family-owned business whose managers are in constant communication with employees at every level. Employees are able to respond directly to customer concerns without waiting for lagging approval from management. Fibrebond remains in business because it is a family enterprise where the customer always comes first.