Experience counts

In a globalized economy, consumers may be overwhelmed with purchasing options and unsure how to get the best deal on high-quality products. They may not realize that the best choice they can make is to buy from American companies. American products have the highest quality, and buying from companies in America supports the local and national economy. This benefits American customers both inside and outside of the immediate business transactions they are making.

Working with a company here in the U.S. makes customization of products easier because communication is streamlined. Fibrebond is an American company that creates precast concrete shelters for telecommunication, power, and institutional organizations. We manufacture here in the U.S., thereby supporting 450 American jobs. The superior quality of Fibrebond production facilities and equipment, as well as Fibrebond’s commitment to customer satisfaction, have allowed Fibrebond to grow, employ more great workers, and increasingly contribute to the national economy.

Fibrebond is an American company with hundreds of experienced, knowledgeable employees. Our great employees and our use of high-quality equipment enables Fibrebond to create superior products. Fibrebond was founded in 1982 by Claud Walker, a forward-looking businessman who recognized early on that the emerging wireless telecommunications industry would need strong, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing shelters to protect its sensitive equipment. Today, Fibrebond shelters can be found in all fifty states. We take great pride in having played a critical part in the build-out of America’s vast wireless telecommunications system and in the solutions we have created for many other industries since 1982.

There are a number of key reasons Fibrebond has been so successful for over thirty years. Fibrebond’s production facility is highly-automated and precise. It minimizes waste, resulting in competitive pricing for a superior product. Because Fibrebond manufactures in the United States, our products are held to higher safety and quality control standards than products made overseas. Higher American manufacturing standards also mean employees are safer at work, whereas employees in other countries may be subject to substandard working conditions. Thus, American-made products like Fibrebond’s are the safest and most ethical option for consumers.

Fibrebond also makes customer satisfaction our highest priority. Our production facility is large enough for manufacturing both steel and concrete shelters. In 2015, Fibrebond acquired International Supply Company (ISCO) in Illinois in order to offer new a product to customers. Because of our location in the U.S., Fibrebond can keep customers happy with fast response times, easy customization, and prompt, inexpensive deliveries. For many of the same reasons that Fibrebond is successful, the U.S. overall has been ranked by global executives as the best location worldwide for business investment.

American companies are important on many levels, and Fibrebond exemplifies the best America has to offer in business. Fibrebond supports small, local economies and the American economy at large. As long as Fibrebond is in business, customers can be sure that we will be an all-American company run by fantastic employees.