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  • Construction time frames are 35% to 50% less than conventional construction.
  • Interruptions to existing campus operations are minimized.
  • “Dry in” is achieved immediately.
  • The impact of weather delays is eliminated.


  • Fibrebond concrete modules are rated for 140 mph winds. Our cost is competitive with conventional buildings that have much lower wind ratings.


  • Fibrebond modules are highly energy efficient because concrete’s thermal mass provides excellent resistance to outside temperatures.
  • Textured and painted concrete interior finish eliminates drywall maintenance.
  • All insulated concrete walls extend up to the concrete roof slab. This creates a quiet learning environment, which is optimal for student performance.
  • Concrete interior finish is not a food source for mold, therefore indoor air quality is guaranteed.
  • Fast-tracked manufacturing supports mass customization, not mass production.
  • Fully-automated casting system results in precise factory tolerances and minimal construction waste.
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