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Protecting Our Customers’ People and Equipment

As a team of dependable and experienced individuals, we work with transparency and customer focus. Of our more than 600 employees, over 175 employees have invested more than 10 years at Fibrebond. With that experience we have produced 2Gw of power for the renewable industry and more than 45,000 units for the communications and institutional markets.

Our solutions must protect our customers’ people and equipment. Similarly, every Fibrebond employee is responsible for protecting themselves and those around them. Our OSHA safety record is significantly better than our industry standard.

We take our customers specifications and integrate them into a total-package solution. Whatever equipment is required, we have the experienced people on staff to implement the design and provide a turnkey solution.


Telecom Shelter

Owner: Sunoco Logistics
Location: Guthrie, TX
Enclosure Size: 12 ft x 30 ft
Telecom Shelter
Big Horn

Owner: Plains All-American Pipeline, L.P. 
Location: Casper, WY
Enclosure Size: 13 ft x 50 ft
Telecom Shelter

Owner: BP Amoco
Location: Wando, SC
Enclosure Size: 28 ft x 73 ft
Telecom Shelter
Geismar UPS Building

Owner: BASF
Location: Geismar, LA
Enclosure Size: 16 ft x 25 ft
Equipment Shelter

Owner: Sunoco Logistics
Location: Port Arthur, TX
Enclosure Size: 9 ft x 30 ft
Equipment Shelter
LSU Health Sciences Center

Owner: LSU Health Sciences Center
Location: Shreveport, LA
Enclosure Size: 26 ft 6 in x 34 ft
Equipment Shelter
Questa Water Treatment Plant

Owner: Chevron/Tetra Tech
Location: Questa, NM
Enclosure Size: 16 ft x 23 ft 6 in
Equipment Shelter
Tabula Rasa Energy

Owner: Tabula Rasa Energy
Location: Andrews, TX
Enclosure Size: 16 ft x 60 ft