Fibrebond brings the benefits of U.S.-based manufacturing and service to power generation clients

During the 20th century, goods manufactured in the United States dominated global markets. From General Motors vehicles to Levi Strauss jeans, American products became household names in countries across the globe. However, in recent decades, more and more companies have outsourced manufacturing operations abroad to reduce costs and raise profits. Unfortunately, in an attempt to reduce costs, costs actually go up as product quality and service go down. Fibrebond is curbing this trend, and has doubled-down on its American-made operations and services. Today, Fibrebond is proud to bring our superior American manufacturing and equipment integration expertise, perfected in the telecommunications industry, to industrial power customers. When a company outsources its operations, it loses a lot more than American jobs.

Expensive equipment can be mishandled or damaged by different climates, higher staff turnover can result in inexperienced project contacts, and automation removes the relationship between customer and manufacturing. That was the state of the industrial power market in 2014 before Fibrebond arrived. When we came on the scene, we immediately realized we offered a different way of doing business: personalized service and customer relationships from U.S.-based employees. We were continually praised for our responsiveness, attention to detail and accessibility. Our American approach centers on LEAN manufacturing to reduce waste of materials, time and labor. It also helps ensure quality and consistency, and allows us to deliver on time and maintain great communication each step along the way. It’s the reason why Fibrebond equipment shelters are in all 50 states and several countries abroad.

We’re proud of the role we played in the growth of our nation’s wireless telecommunications systems, and are excited to bring that history and expertise to the industrial power market. With our 2015 acquisition of International Supply Company, an American-born company and a leader in engineering and manufacturing for the power generation industry, we’re poised to continue our American growth into this new vertical. We are the largest building manufacturer in the United States, with more than 30 years of experience and 450 employees. Each phase of a project, from design to completion, is coordinated through a single Project Manager who serves as a personalized point of contact. For every new power generation project, we operate with full transparency right here in your backyard. Outsourcing, especially in the power generation industry, costs more in the end: wasted

materials, miscommunication, and lower quality end products.

That’s why Fibrebond is proud to engineer, build, and provide service all within the U.S. No other company is as committed to providing custom power integration and packaging solutions for prime, backup and critical-grade customers around the world – right here in the U.S.A. Learn more about our manufacturing process, customer service, and our innovative construction projects at – or fill out a contact form and we’ll be happy to answer any questions directly!