Building a Better Bond: How Fibrebond’s Industry Expertise Makes for Deeper Client Relationships


Fibrebond has solutions in several different markets; gensets, data centers, power, telecom, and more. With that diverse reach, it’s critical for the company to not spread itself too thin and maintain high quality products and service regardless of the job. What is their secret sauce for pulling it off?

On this episode of Building a Better Bond, we’re joined by Chase Cook, who brings solutions to building client relationships at Fibrebond. Cook is the Director of Business Development for Fibrebond’s Power division; he brings his diverse industry knowledge to Fibrebond to help the company position themselves as the industry’s experts.

Relationships are a huge part of what Fibrebond does, and Cook said they have the experience to simplify projects their clients want to build. On this episode, he went into a little history of Fibrebond in order to explain where they are now. He said they used to be a telecommunications company but have expanded to oil, natural gas, packing generators, and more; with all the different things they are involved in, Cook said it now allows them to drive the power, data, and telecommunications segments together to strengthen their position in the market.

Oil and gas companies had record numbers last year and Texas had a record year as well, supplying 41% of the total oil and natural gas in the US. Cook said that the technical sales team sees over one billion dollars in sales every year. He said that because of the high volume of business they are able to look through their data to find out what is most important to clients and consumers. Cook said that Fibrebond has been in business for 38 years, and they are known for taking a unique approach in their business partnership.