ISCO generator solutions

Generators are valuable pieces of equipment, becoming more and more common as power backups in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, these generators, or gensets, create vibrations that travel through the air and cause noise pollution. This unwanted sound can be especially disturbing in residential areas. International Supply Company (ISCO) specializes in engineering and manufacturing acoustical products that reduce the loud sounds produced by generators.

One of the products ISCO offers to reduce environmental sound impact is acoustical louvers, which are used to reduce mechanical equipment noise emitted through building openings, or from openings in machine enclosures or barrier walls. ISCO also provides intake and discharge baffles made from heavy, gauge-formed galvanized construction with compression ratios that are designed to dull acoustic noise. The baffle’s joints and seams are mechanically fastened, and ISCO prohibits any kind of spot welding in the manufacturing process to ensure the certainty of high-grade structural integrity in product design.

ISCO works to accommodate state and local code restrictions regarding maximum noise levels by providing products like intake penthouses and directional hoods, which are assembled with identical materials as the main enclosure for toning acoustic performance and aesthetics.The genset’s exhaust noise is a major contributor to the overall sound levels in a manufacturing facility. Depending on the size of the engine, the exhaust sounds range around 120 dB(A) without an exhaust silencer. A typical power motor and jet at 1,000 feet operates at 100 dB, while a normal conversation functions around 60 dB. Sounds in a library are 30 dB. In other words, the genset’s exhaust noise is pretty loud. Furthermore, that 120 dB(A) sound range does not even include the cooling fan noise, the alternator noise, the induction noise and the structural noise. ISCO supplies international enterprises with customized specifications to meet precise project needs, and hires the most skilled professionals in the industry to make sure their designs create total satisfaction. While the majority of suppliers only provide project requirements with a standard specification, ISCO takes pride in knowing that every minor detail is cross-examined to meet your company’s specifications.

ISCO products dramatically cut down on noise from generators. We have over 33 years of experience in customer service satisfaction; our engineering and innovative solutions will meet your company’s needs.